Dsco Careers

This is not a moment. It’s a movement.

A little too much for a supply chain data company? We know and we don’t care.

We’re a team of people crazy enough to know we can solve a 1.75T dollar problem in the world’s supply chain, and savvy enough to make the world change.

We’ve got big problems to solve, Here’s how we do it:


There is no “i” in Dsco. We understand problems from all perspectives and celebrate collaboration between partners in how we build relationships and technology.

#nomorevendors #partnerfirst #growtogether


We let our business model scale; we will not extort trading partners who engage with us, and we will never tax data sharing or the transacting of business.

#brokerageisbroken #letitgrow #keepthedimesandnickels


We create clean, simplifying data standards to unlock transparency, automation, and intelligence across the super-network of the world’s inventory even though every partner has unique processes, data languages, and challenges.

#inventoryvisibilityasaservice #icanseeclearlynow #twiceisnice #onebigparty

Think you’re crazy? Think you’re savvy? Check out our open roles:
Become an advisor or contributor

Joining the Dsco movement doesn’t just mean parking your laptop by the fire here in our office, you can also help out by becoming an advisor or content contributor.

If you’re a brand, a retailer, or industry expert, your voice and your thoughts on what today’s supply chain needs can have an enormous impact on the future we build together. We’d love to hear and share in your thoughts.

Reach out to media@dsco.io to find out how you can contribute.